Monday, January 23, 2012

Online Interactive Curriculum Planner

A wonderful new online interactive curriculum planning tool has just been released. i had the opportunity of seeing it in action today and was really impressed with the ease of use and practicality of it. You can set up your class and groups for planning, all of the AO's are there to link to and you can add your own learning intentions and experiences. It really is very comprehensive and too much to tell about here. Have a look at it and use the videos to show how it works. I particularly liked the way you can set up lessons for groups and the fact that plans can be stored and used by other teachers too. As it is all in the cloud you can't lose it and can access anywhere.
It will be shown at the Learning at School Conference later this week and if you are lucky enough to be there ask Jo at the Essential Resources stand to show it to you. She is taking a workshop there but it may be full already. While you are there check out my latest book - Assessment for Learning!

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