Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New look to blog!

Now I am no longer an ICT facilitator and also have no classroom of my own I have decided to change the ICT emphasis of my blog. I am still interested in latest happenings in the world of technology and will post any new ideas I come across but it will not be the focus of this blog as it was in the past.
I have just completed a page about local government and the consultation process for council draft plans for the NiE page and still working on more books for Essential Resources. Am working one day a week at the local school teaching dyslexic children, it is a great programme (Steps programme) and it is 1-1 teaching so better results and something the children do not get in their classroom.
Check out this site about local government in NZ - hover over the map and select your area to find out more and link to council in your area. Good for looking at in classroom now as all councils reviewing the 10 year community plan and up for consultation - young people have a voice too.

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