Sunday, April 25, 2010

Term one over!

The first term was so busy I have not had a chance to keep up with this blog. I felt that there was so much testing it didn't leave much time for actual teaching!

I have enjoyed teaching in the digital classroom with so many of the latest I-Macs. The students have all completed a Keynote about their PYP inquiry topic, used Numbers and Pages for creating graphs and tables as our strand for maths, created a wiki web site for their next PYP inquiry topic, used Pages for publishing poems and stories and this term each student has a journal for personal recounts. The students also created movies acting out a role play to show a learner profile. We used our flip video camera to film and i-movie for editing.
I have made good use of the resources I created last year such as the literacy safari, the resources web sites and netvibes pages. I create a web site resource for each inquiry so that students can be directed to their central idea, lines of inquiry and key questions and have web resources to follow the inquiry.
Here is our class web site!

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