Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BYOD day at Albany Senior High - reflections

Last week I attended a really great conference at Albany Senior High. It was all about BYOD (Bring your own device) in schools. I attended some really interesting workshops, Luke Sumich from Summerland Primary gave a really interesting presentation about his experiences while on study leave investigating schools overseas. This is where I first heard about the SAMR model and will definitely use this in my work. Above is a presentation about it.
Luke made an e-book about his experiences on his travels and it is available in i-Books.  He had many great ideas to share but his main point was PUT THE LEARNING AT THE CENTRE, NOT THE APP

The presentation by Barb Dysart  really intrigued me, it was all about QR codes and how they use them in the classroom at Summerland Primary. I didn't realise how simple it was to make my own QR code. Here is the one I made. This is the link to make your own  You can download the QR reader from the app store, there are heaps. I chose inigma (think thats it without looking at my phone)
The most fun presentation was of course Allanah King, she is full of practical ideas and the presentation was all about using i-pads. She has done an amazing amount of research and is very generous with sharing all her great ideas. Her experience is very relevant as she has had current experience in the classroom too. She is a very clever and knowledgeable lady!  

I also went to the presentation given by Georgie and Gemma from Stonefields School in Mt Wellington. They were discussing the strategies they used in the classroom and planning collaboratively using Google docs (Drive) As I had visited the school recently and seen all the amazing work they do in action it reinforced my feeling that this school really does have a handle on 21st Century Learning. Their pedagogy model is taken from James Nottinghan - The Learning Pit. The programme Teacher Dashboard overlays Google Apps for safety and organisation. The teachers have access to anything the children create including emails. It is worth a visit to see all the exciting things happening in the school. You can view the planning on their website and it is shared with the students too. 

Lenva Shearing's presentation about 'One Size Fit's All' she shared the experiences from her school at Bucklands Beach Intermediate regarding BYOD. Their digital citizenship model is based on trust and all students use a range of BYOD. Google Apps and Teacher Dashboard replaces LMS. Both teachers and students have e-portfolios for reflection on learning. Everything is stored on Drive for access all the time so students often complete work at home and parents can see what they are doing. 

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