Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A new job - Blended e-learning facilitator

I have started this year working for Cognition Consulting as a blended e-learning facilitator. This is similar to the role I had as ICTPD facilitator. One of the great differences is the scoping tool we use called the E-learning Planning Framework. This enables us to work with the school to establish exactly where the school is at in their e-learning journey. I am looking forward to building a rapport with the schools and helping to enable them to move forward with the use of relevant e-learning tools to add value to their teaching and learning. One of the things I have noticed is that schools are rushing out to buy i-pads but have little clear idea or rationale for using them. Apple TV's are popular too.
One of the great tools for professional learning for teachers is the VLN (Virtual Learning Network) which all NZ teachers have access to but many know little about it. It is a great community for discussing professional practice. The Enabling e-learning discussion is very relevant.
Other new ways of connecting teachers and students is through using Google+ Creating circles of different people such as students, colleagues, friends allows you to engage in discussions and share ideas and links to good things you have found. You can also have a google hangout (in the tools section) which enables you to have a synchronous discussion similar to Skype but with up to ten participants. Google is a one stop shop for educators, one of the Google web sites I have made which may be helpful for literacy is Language Alive

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