Saturday, October 17, 2009

Highlights from ULearn

The ULearn Conference in Christchurch was really great as usual. Not so many sellers, so a reflection of the economy I suppose. There were some great presenters from Oz and one workshop I went to on 'Real Maths' was great. One of the teachers had a wonderful example of a classroom blog, she has incorporated many web2 tools very successfully and the blog reflects a very exciting and positive classroom. Derek Wenmoth delivered a really interesting spotlight presentation. His blog is on my google reader and worth a read. As a Mac person I always attend a session with Stuart Hale, he always delivers a good workshop.
Had a great time at the dinner. Amanda (ICT leader from Birdwood School) and I sat with a large group (24 teachers) from Sutton Park School in South Auckland. They were a fun crowd.
Christchurch was freezing cold! After the conference my daughter and I went to Lyttleton and stayed at a cool little B & B overlooking the bay - called The Rookery. Went to the farmers market and bought stuff and this fantastic shop called Himalaya. We drove to Akaroa over the hills in the snow and went to this amazing place called The Giant's House.

A great end to the holidays but now back to all the schools and the millstone reports!

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