Sunday, May 10, 2009

ACES Unconference 2009

It was great to get together again for an unconference - this time at Pt England School, a very inspiring and well organised place for learning. I was intrigued with the presentation by Pete Somerville of Summerland School - the notion of transparency in the classroom where students are made fully aware of their own levels of achievement and of others in the classroom. Teachers as social engineers. Food for thought.
I found Lenva Shearing's workshop on e-portfolios very valuable as several schools are working on this and are asking me for help. She advocated self responsibility as students reflected and reviewed their own learning on their e-portfolio so it went beyond a mere report by the teacher.
I already work with i-movie 09 so didn't find out much more about that but I went along to the workshop just in case there was something I didn't know - it confirmed that I am on the right track and inspired me to try the green screening option - something I have not done yet.
I am very interested in Fathom - the data anlaysis tool workshop - it looks amazing and I am sure it will be a great tool for schools in terms of analysing data to inform teaching practice. I like the concept - I notice - I wonder. Check it out here.
I look forward to keeping up with the educators who attended through the shared wiki resources.
Fiona Grant and Dorothy Burt set up a great day for us - thanks!

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