Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You Tube

I am busy finishing another set of books at the moment. The Key Competencies set have been very popular but I am really enjoying writing the latest books which are called ICT and the Creative Arts. The first one is about visual art and music and the second one is about drama with moviemaking and animation. While working I am easily distracted, especially by You Tube when I am finding good movies for teachers I tend to get carried away and before you know it I have been on You Tube for a couple of hours. I have tried Teacher Tube but the best stuff for teachers is still on You Tube. Do you know that you can set up your own playlists and have several for different kinds of movies. I have one for the classroom movies students have made with me, several for different curriculum areas, one for amazing stuff and a personal one which I have made private, just for family movies, trips and events. If I find a good movie I can add it to a suitable playlist.
Here is one which was made by 13-14 yr olds for juniors - I love their music and animations!

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