Monday, March 2, 2009

Learning at School 09

I had a great time learning more about ICT tools at the conference. I went to a Scratch session - I had attended one at Canberra last year but the NZ teachers were fantastic and really well prepared with good ideas for linking Scratch to the curriculum. Check out the Scratch forum for some ideas on how to use this in the classroom.
I also learned about green screening on the Mac 09 (I must upgrade my programmes on my Mac!) I had a great session with Stuart Hale pm RED learning more about Hyperstudio 5 which has just been released. I saw this in operation at Tatahai School last year on the Apple bus tour and the students were really doing some great stuff with it.
The keynote speakers were very inspiring - perhaps you could search for them on Academic Earth They all have blogs and it is worth it to put them on your Google Reader to keep up with latest thoughts and ideas. I particularly like Pam Hook's blog Artichoke, she has an interesting way of stating things!Derek Wenmoth has a great blog - that's where I found out about the Academic Earth site.

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