Monday, November 10, 2008

Apple Bus Tour Gems

Thanks to Stuart Hale for the great trip last week - we only had 14 so went in the van.
Some great ideas - I liked the way Tahatei Coast School integrated the key competencies into their curriculum with the 6 C's - Compassion, communication, contemplation, creativity, conscience, citizenship. Selwyn Ridge School had 'The Kid on the Ridge' the image of a child in the school uniform with the tool kit of values and attitudes and some really great ways of empowering students to be leaders of their learning. Pt England had podcasting down to a fine art and the students were all engaged and motivated to learn with ICT tools as an integral part of the learning. Dorothy Burt's research showed that the podcasting had raised student achievement in literacy. At Summerland School we heard some great ideas for integrating ICT from the teachers - more about that later. Bucklands Beach Intermediate students could talk about their learning through their digital portfolios. I loved the way they used Glogster to create innovative cover pages. At Sherwood Primary the students were really good at using Fireworks and Flash to edit their pictures and create animations. They have 9 teachers in their e-learning team. They also subscribe to Scholastic Education's Lexile system which has encouraged children to read for meaning and get really excited about reading.
Cool new programmes I learned about were Spore to create and animate creatures, iKareoke, a great music programme, MorphX (change yourself into someone or something else - an oldie but a goodie)and Sub Etha Edit.
I am looking forward to the new version of Hyperstudio coming out later this year or early next year hopefully. The students in a couple of schools were trialling it and I had a play - looks fantastic for web authoring and image/animation creation.

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