Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Back to the classroom

Well we are really getting on with term one now. There are some great happenings in our cluster. Firstly the gifted and talented groups are really excited about their ICT projects. At St Josephs School the students have planned a 3D animation movie showing the special character of their school. They are scripting interviews with the people who make the school a special place and are about to conduct the interviews, recording them with a digital movie camera. This will form part of the presentation movie which will include interviews with students about their learning, slideshows of the inside their beautiful church and information about their history. The Marvin characters will guide the viewer through the movie with interesting snippets of information.
At Marist the students have set up a podcasting site and are in the process of planning for the episodes. Watch this space for the site access!
Also at Marist several classes have set up wiki spaces for their class web zines.
At Richmond Road School podcasting and an internal student led radio broadcast will be the focus for this year. Students at this school may belong to the French immersion unit, the Samoan or Maori bi-lingual units and will be broadcasting in their heritage language.
At Ponsonby Intermediate the staff are meeting regularly for quality learning circles and sharing expertise in various areas. There is a big focus on info-literacy and the Knowledge Net learning management system.
In April we will be having a full day cluster workshop so teachers from all schools can network and share ideas. Our focus for this workshop will be on linking the key competencies to the use of ICT tools. More on that later!

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